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Quality Policy

Astecnos Co., Ltd. constitutes and implements quality management based on ISO9001 standard and its requirements to contribute to the progress of industry and "provide maximum customer satisfaction through quality" which is our quality principle. In order to assure that we uphold our principles, we drive ourselves in the following:

1. We will assure that products or services we deliver fulfills customer and social
demands while implementing quality management system to achieve customer satisfaction.

2. We will review our quality management system periodically to maintain its efficacy
and sustain continued improvement.

3. We will set quality targets to uphold our quality principles in our operation.

4. Our quality targets will be renewed every year and on ongoing basis as necessary.

5. Internal auditing will be implemented to assess applicability and will be diligent in
sustaining and improvement.

6. To promote quality management system internally, we will educate and train all of our
employees to thoroughly communicate and achieve understanding.

Updated on April, 1st 2016
Atsushi Ariga
Representative Executive Officer, Astecnos Co., Ltd.

Environmental Policy

To attain sustainable society, Astecnos approaches environmental issues as a long term responsibility and constitute environmental policies based on this principle, and in addition, we endeavor to preserve the environment through our business operation to promote co-existence of industrial progress and natural environment.


Through manufacturing and sales of automation/energy conserving equipment, Astecnos positions environmental management efforts as a priority, and with awareness to harmonize with global environment, we will achieve social responsibility.


1. Through our business operations, we will promote production with keen
awareness to assessment of environmental impact.

2. We will proactively engage in conservation of resources and energy.

3. We will promote minimization of waste and fully embrace recycling endeavors.

4. We will promote environmental preservation efforts based on ISO14001
environmental management system and will improve it on an ongoing basis.

5. We will adhere to all laws and regulations pertaining to environment.

6. We will proactively disclose our environmental policies internally and externally.

Updated on April, 1st 2016
Atsushi Ariga, Representative Executive Officer

ISO9001 ISO14001

At Astecnos Headquarters, Shizuoka Interchange(IC), Atsugi IC, Kofu-Showa IC and Toyoake IC are all certified by international quality management standard ISO9001 and ISO14001.
Astecnos will continue to increase reliability and satisfaction for our customers and society regarding our products and services while achieving competitiveness in the market as well as improving management on an ongoing basis.