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Improving application performance by expanding our factory and production machines.

New products are being built at our customers' production sites while capturing and foreseeing the time and changes in our society.
We are strengthening our facilities and production sites to accommodate various customer needs such as establishing large and complex production lines, or installing multiple customized machines of the same type without losing quality and reliability.


Our work is not complete after delivery of the custom-made-machines. Not only do we provide scheduled check-up and maintenance, but for unforeseeable incidents Astecnos' factory is all located near the interchange of highways. To come to the aid for our customers quickly with wide coverage, we will continue to build more factories as well.
Astecnos is providing custom-made-machines not only in Japan but to off-shore production sites in North America, South America, China, Mexico, Indonesia and Russia.
Let us take on your customized machine implementation project for off-shore factories with our dedicated support, observing local labor customs, safety regulations among other localized standards while dispatching our own engineers for installation.

Headquarter & Factory
Atsugi Interchange Factory
Kofu Showa Interchange Factory
Toyoake Interchange Factory
Toyoake Interchange Factory No.2
Astecnos America Corporation

From large production line to simultaneous production of machines of the same type.
We can build machines to accommodate pharmaceutical and medical products, food and cosmetic industry products as well.

Owned Machinery


Clean Room