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1. Definition of Personal Information

Astecnos Co., Ltd. (the "Company") considers information related to an individual, as defined in Personal Information Protection Law (identifiable information which includes name, age, address, telephone number, email address), as personal information.

2. Acquisition of Personal Information

Acquisition of personal information shall be in accordance with applicable laws and shall be implemented in a sense of fairness. The Company shall not acquire private information by illegal means and shall, with primary emphasis placed on the customer, implement such measures as obtaining prior agreement from customers regarding the purpose of usage of such information. All relevant information regarding acquisition of personal information shall be shown The Company's website.

3. Purpose of Usage of Personal Information

Personal Information Relating to Customers
・Sending products, advertisements for products, services or events
・Provision of product support and maintenance
・Discussions or arrangements with customers

Personal Information relating to Job Applicants
・Provision of employment information to and contact with job applicants
・Management of employment procedures within The Company

4. Personal Information Relating To Shareholders

With the exception of the cases detailed below, The Company shall not, as a basic rule, supply to third parties private information obtained from customers.
・Provision based on law
・In cases where the customer agrees to provision of said information
・In cases where, in order to achieve the purpose of usage, The Company out-sources handling of personal information in part or in whole within the scope deemed necessary
・Provision of personal information due to business succession for reasons such as amalgamation

5. Handling of Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

・The Company shall observe Personal Information Protection Law to maintain accuracy of personal Information and manage it in a safe manner.
・When assigning its employees to handle personal information, the Company shall provide appropriate and necessary supervision to maintain secure management of personal information.

6. Contact for Inquiries regarding Personal Information

Response to requests from customers for disclosure of, amendment to, stoppage of usage of and stoppage of provision to third parties of personal information shall be made promptly after confirmation of the customer's identity. Response shall also be made, within reason, to questions, complaints or queries regarding the Company's handling of personal information.

Personal Information Inquiry

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