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About Production System

Since you are a major company, wouldn't cost be high with overhead? Also, can you assure aftercare?

At Astecnos, we develop and build custom machines by an internally integrated system with elite engineers. Fundamentally, we do not outsource and build in-house which allows us to deliver custom-made-machine without much over head. Also, we provide extensive aftercare service so you can be assured.

Can you develop and customize entire production lines?

We have machine tools for processing large parts and large space for assembly, so we are fully capable of developing large custom machines.

Can you build multiple custom-made-machines with short lead time?

You can be assured that we are a group of elite engineers, and considering our facility size, we strictly manage process schedule, so orders with limited time and requiring simultaneous development of multiple machines can be accommodated without any concerns.

Can you install custom-made-machines in our overseas factories?

We have rich history of delivering custom machines to overseas factories for our customers. We will take on the responsibility of exporting and local installation, and even aftercare.

About FA Consulting System

Is it possible to order entire equipment for our factory?

At Astecnos, we provide a one-stop service including consultation, design, processing, assembly, mounting and even after care. So we are capable of providing large integrated production line orders.

We want to improve our own factory, so can you provide us with consulting service?

We would be more than happy to. Astecnos has rich history of providing solutions to multiple issues in various industries with our custom built machines. Since we have many past work in improving production through our specialized machine development, our sales engineers equipped with industrial experience and expertise will visit you and based on the hearing session, we will define issues and propose solutions.

About Support/Aftercare

How would you respond to technical troubles such as machines shutting down? Can you respond during late at night?

We are expanding our support area to accommodate unpredictable circumstances. In case troubles occur, our engineers will dispatched so rest assured.

Would you be able to perform maintenance work even when we have machines from other companies?

Even if the products are made by other companies, Astecnos will be able to repair it. Even when you do not have drawings or they are too old to read, we will trace them onsite. As for electrical troubles, we will conduct an investigation to find the root problem before performing a repair. Furthermore, we can replace parts with our recommended parts as well. Please inquire us at your convenience.

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