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Supporting FA Enhancement with Custom-made-machine Development by In-house Integrated System

Our mission does not end with simply developing custom-made-machines. We will improve production output ratio and various other challenges on site which will bring successful business for our clients and that is our ultimate goal.
What permits us to bring this success is due to having employees with high expertise in all areas of conceptual, mechanical and electrical design, parts processing, control board manufacturing, assembly, internal wiring and installation on site. It is safe to say that we have built a "one stop system" which allows us to take on large scale projects in its entirety.
Furthermore, experts who are thoroughly learned in their respective fields are engaged in a cross-sectional type of development of custom-made-machines, so incorporating and sharing information on new technology is prompt, which allows fusion of various technology from multiple industries given their experiences. The end result is an outstanding custom-made-machines with high reliability and performance.
Astecnos will "not only fulfill minimum functional requirements but will develop truly useful custom-made-machines for our customers".

As the "leading company" of customized machine manufacturer, talented young employees are performing as one with great pride.

Custom-made-machine manufacturing system that is always looking one step beyond.

Custom-made-machines that could revolutionize production is always born from innovative ideas and consolidated knowledge and solid technology that sustain it. Astecnos is equipped with evolutionary production system, which combines the experience of seasoned employees and young staff who are full of ideas and pursuing growth as engineers, and looking one step beyond convention in custom-made-machines.