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News Release

Astecnos Co., Ltd. launches its new corporate name and will strengthen its brand management.


SHIZUOKA, April 1, 2016 - Astecnos Co., Ltd. ("Astecnos") today announced its corporate name changing from former Astec Co., Ltd. and at the same time, Astecnos will strengthen brand management to realize its brand vision, contributory company of industrial progress while "sustaining global manufacturing", along with the medium-term management plan from April 2015, the first year.

Inheriting the principles of former name, new corporate name has been charged determination to contribute to global manufacturing industry through refined skills. Simultaneously, by adding "Tomorrow" + "Technology" in the meaning, it express the approach to ceaselessly and sustainably operate towards the future. Alongside of new corporate name, new symbol mark, new logo type and new tag line are also adopted, and the application design, such as name card, signboard, company car, uniform and website will be replaced. And Astecnos will also promote to reform of the in-house mindset towards new brand.


About Astecnos Co., Ltd.

Astecnos Co., Ltd. headquartered in Shizuoka, Japan is a "FA Solution Provider", offers design and manufacturing of specialized machines through one-stop integrated production system to promote factory automation (FA) solving various problems at our customer's production line of factory. Equipped with deep hands-on knowledge, 270 of Japan's top-tier experts and established national production network, Astecnos offers various solutions for its major customers in automotive industry, food & beverage industry and pharmaceutical & healthcare industry.

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Brand Vision:

Contributory company of industrial progress while "sustaining global manufacturing".

Corporate Philosophy "Astecnos Way":

  • Our Ambition

Create happiness and inspiration in our society through manufacturing and realize industrial ideals.

  • Our Action

Empathize and stimulate each other intellectually to challenge new ideas with positive attitudes.


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